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Five years in and still trying to make a difference

According to the congrats coming through LinkedIn, it looks like ETANTE is entering its 5th year of business! Massive thanks to our supporters over the past year and the past four years – you keep us busy and challenged and I’m so grateful.

This past year has meant working extensively on soy, beef and leather from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay with amazing and passionate colleagues from WWF across Europe, US, China and Latin America, the National Wildlife Federation and with The Nature Conservancy. This meaningful work is why I set up ETANTE in the first place – imagine being able to look back on the success of decoupling deforestation and conversion from these globally crucial commodities! Talk about making a difference…

As the strategic adviser and facilitator to the Cerrado Manifesto Statement of Support (SoS) group, it’s been a pleasure to work so closely with the Steering Group and with the 70 or so global brands, retailers and suppliers who are signatories. Thank you for trusting me to help steer your path!

And it’s always a highlight to work with the incredible guys at Creative Concern! Not to mention our other clients in food service and construction.

Particularly, I’ve been reminded over the past year to be adaptive and to embrace change when new opportunities arise. I wish all other sustainability consultancies best wishes – together we really are changing the world for the better!

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